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The Vegan SA Directory

Welcome to the directory for vegans in South Africa. Use our website to find vegan-friendly restaurants, shops, food and drinks, products and accommodation around South Africa. If you're planning to stay at home, why not try out one of our delicious vegan recipes.


Dining Out

Restaurants, take-aways, cafés, bistros ... find what you're hungry for here.

Food & Drink

What vegan foods are available in SA and where to find them ... take a bite from our lists.


B&Bs, guesthouses, hotels ... sleep at ease with our list of places to stay.


The best shopping options for buying your vegan goodies ... stock up here.


Create delectable meals for vegans, snacks and desserts ... spice up your life now.


Cosmetics, toiletries and household goods ... look 'n feel good without cruelty.

Our lists are neatly organised in an easy-to-use format that will help you find what you're looking for.

What is a Vegan?

Vegans are people who adopt a lifestyle that avoids animal exploitation. Many people follow a vegan diet for the benefit of their own health, or for environmental or relgious reasons. But veganism goes beyond merely what you eat; it also encompasses what clothes you wear, what products you use, and how you live your life in relation to animals and the environment that we all share. Veganism is not about the self, it is about committing to a life of compassion for other beings. For more information, visit our 'about veganism' section or review our frequently asked questions.

Guide to Easy Living

Being a South African vegan is not a life without its challenges. VeganSA can provide you with everything you need for an enjoyable and fulfilling life in South Africa, instead of a life of "doing without". We bring together vegans from all over the country so that they can connect with and support like-minded people and businesses.

Follow Us

You can keep pace with all the latest directory changes and vegan news in South Africa by visiting our Vegan SA Blog or by becoming a fan of our VeganSA Facebook page. We aim to play our part in the global movement as the more organised our efforts are, the more effective and fruitful our own lives will become, without compromising our ethics.

Get Involved

Vegan SA is self-funded and we provide our services free of charge for the direct benefit of the vegan movement of South Africa. We rely entirely on volunteers so we welcome contributions, especially from those of you that are willing to get involved and act as volunteer managers for listings in your own region. If you have any suggestions for our website or information that would assist vegans throughout South Africa, please let us know. We also welcome you to submit your comments on any of the vegan listings that we have in our directory - there are no better product reviewers than the customers themselves!

A Diet for Everyone

South African vegetarians will also find our website useful. That's because all meals that are suitable for vegans are naturally vegetarian too. This means that vegetarians can make use of all our listings, whether they're looking for a new restaurant to visit or trying out a new recipe at home.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you're staying at home or planning a South African holiday, discover new pleasures in your life today. Enjoy browsing our website, the directory for South African vegans.


"Just found your wonderful website. I have been struggling for a long time to find vegan products in South Africa. What a joy to find, not only a list of products, but also information about retailers and availability." - , South Africa

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