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This section is a directory of food for vegans in South Africa which will help you understand just what's available and where to buy it. We also have some useful tips for persuading your local store to begin stocking these products.

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Eat2Live Tempeh

Eat2Live Tempeh
This interesting company name was born out an observation that many of us live to eat, and have lost sight why we eat. The real purpose of food is nourishment but today food has become a curse rather than a blessing and much of what we eat is destructive and debilitating.

Many of us have to learn how to eat again in a way that is beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Eat2Live was founded as a healthier alternative to some of the more popular foods today by providing 'transitional food' that allows one to comfortably move to a plant based or vegan diet, foods that are free of cholesterol, chemical additives and GMOs etc.
Telephone number 011 472 1803
Fax number 011 472 1803
Email address
Website address
Physical address 17 Wattle Street, Florida Park, Roodeport, 1709
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Tabufood Tempeh

Tabufood vegan macrobiotic products
Tempeh is very nutritious and its fermentation produces natural antibiotic agents but leaves the desirable phytochemicals, such as soy isoflavones and most of the saponins, intact. It is a complete protein food that contains all the essential amino acids. Fresh tempeh has a nice mushroom and nutty flavour, but in recipes it will readily absorb flavours of other ingredients.

Tabu foods are currently only available direct.
Telephone number 076 804 5599
Fax number N/A
Email address
Website address
Physical address 361 Ridgeview St, Waterkloof Rif, Pretoria, 0001
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Tempestuous Tempeh

Tempestuous Tempeh is vegan and produced by Fabulous Ferments in the Western Cape
This Indonesian product is gaining popularity where vegetarians are looking for a healthy, high-protein food. Tempeh can consist of up to 33% protein and has high levels of essential fatty acids, enzymes, isoflavones, vitamins and minerals. It is very low in saturated fat and calories, and tends to lower cholesterol levels.

It is usually sliced and fried or baked - and can be cooked from frozen or fresh. 100 per cent vegan and organic. Tempestuous Tempeh comes in a round pack which makes the perfect veggie burger. It can also be used as a meat replacement in stir-fries, casseroles, stews, etc.

You can find Tempestuous Tempeh in the Cape at Organic Living (Constantia Village), Go Natural (Somerset West), Wellness Warehouse, Health for Life, Organic Zone and Earth Products.
Telephone number 078 150 8620
Fax number N/A
Email address
Website address
Physical address Alcyone Farm, Brandwacht, Worcester, Western Cape
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Top Cultures Tempeh Starter

TopCultures produces high quality tempeh starter and ships it worldwide. It consists of dried rhisopus culture, grown on soy-beans and rice. A starter is required to produce tempeh, a soy based food ideal for vegans because of its versatility and health benefits.

It is very easy to make your own and you will notice that homemade tempeh tastes and smells wonderful.
Telephone number +32 479 644 899
Fax number +32 3400 1749
Email address
Website address
Physical address Doornlaan 16, 2980 Zoersel, Belgium
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