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Vegan ProductsVegan and animal-cruelty free products in South Africa

This section is a directory of animal-friendly products for vegans in South Africa. It helps you choose personal and household care brands that are cruelty-free and explains where you can buy them. We also have some useful tips for persuading your local store to begin stocking these products.

Product key: BWC - vegan and certified by Beauty Without Cruelty as animal cruelty-free;
LB - vegan and certified through the CCIC's Leaping Bunny Program; LB¹ - vegan and endorsed by CCIC's Leaping Bunny Program BUT parent company that does not comply with the standard;
VS - carries The Vegan Society trademark.

List by Type  List by product type of South African vegan care products - toiletries, cosmetics, health, beauty and huosehold products
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The Esse range of vegan skin care products All Woolworths Earth Friendly household products are suitable for vegans
The Mu London natural organic range Tranquil Body Treats have many vegan personal care products

Listings Criteria for House and Personal Care Products

In this section we list out toiletries, cosmetics, healthy, beauty, household and other products that are suitable for vegans and are available in South Africa. Our dual purpose is to promote animal-friendly, or cruelty-free, businesses whilst also providing a useful guide for South African vegans searching for suitable personal care items. Our listings service is free of charge.

The listings and criteria in this section are kindly provided by Beauty Without CrueltyOpens in a new window, who investigate the humane status of manufacturers and their products.

To qualify for a listing on our site as a Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) animal-friendly vegan product, products and the substances contained therein:

  • Must not have been tested on animals within the last 5 years; and
  • Must not contain any animal products.


  • The product manufacturer must initiate a self-imposed fixed cut-off date, with regard to the use of animal tested ingredients, which is at least 5 years before the date of application and the company must guarantee that the chosen date will be strictly adhered to in the future; and
  • Written assurances must be obtained from ingredient supply companies, that individual ingredients supplied to the company, have not been tested (by them) on animals after the cut-off date; and
  • Parent companies, and their subsidiaries too, must comply with these criteria.

To qualify for a listing on our site as a Leaping Bunny (LB) cruelty-free vegan product, products and the substances contained therein:

  • Must not and will not be tested on animals (unless required by law) after the company's fixed cut-off date; and
  • Must not contain any animal products.


  • The product manufacturer must obtain assurances of product and raw material compliance from each of its third party suppliers that they comply with these same provisions with respect to the materials supplied to the product manufacturer.

To qualify for a listing on our site as a Vegan Society (VS) trademarked product, the manufacture and/or development of the products, and where applicable its ingredients:

  • Must not involve or have involved testing on animals conducted at the initiative of the manufacturer or on its behalf, or by parties over whom the manufacturer has effective control; and
  • Must not involve or have involved the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative.


  • The development and/or production of genetically modified organisms (GMO) used in these products must not have involved animal genes or animal-derived substances. Products put forward for trademark registration which contain or may contain any GMOs must be labelled as such.

If your business produces vegan animal-friendly products and you would like to be listed here, we'll gladly reward you with a free listing. Please contact us now to get your vegan-friendly business listed and help promote veganism and bring an end to animal cruelty in South Africa.

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Follow the latest changes to our product directory in our Vegan SA Blog.

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Helpful Hints for Asking your Store to Stock Cruelty-free Produce

If you can't find these products in your own local area we recommend that you approach your local supermarket/shop to ask them if they'll be willing to stock the product.

Here we provide step-by-step instructions on how best to approach the store manager/supermarket stockist, what issues to/not to mention, what details to provide of the brand, and how to overcome difficulties.

  1. Find out the name of the manager or the main buyer for that section of the store/shop.
  2. Go to see that person and arrange a meeting at a time that suits him/her.
  3. Be charming, earnest and constructive throughout the meeting.
  4. At the meeting, explain how happy you are shopping at the store, mention a few good points about the store, e.g. staff courtesy, efficiency, cleanliness, good stock.
  5. Then mention that you are a vegan. Explain what a vegan, is and how being vegan can be quite difficult in South Africa.
  6. Mention certain products or foodstuffs in the store that are vegan or cruelty-free, and how much you appreciate them being stocked.
  7. Ask if the manager would be prepared to order more cruelty-free products in South Africa if you gave him a list of suppliers/producers with their contact details.
  8. Mention that not just vegans, but also vegetarians would be interested.
  9. Inform the manager that the website may list the store as vegan-friendly and an ideal place to buy cruelty-free vegan products. This is a free-of-charge promotional opportunity and can only help the store with more sales.
  10. Ask if he/she knows of any other cruelty-free vegan product brands that the shop does not stock due to perceived lack of interest. Please forward this information to Vegan SA so that we can add these brands to this section.
  11. Thank the manager for his/her patience, understanding and support and assure him/her that you're looking forward even more to shopping there with your friends or family in future.
  12. Now repeat this process with any other stores that you wish to approach.
  13. Conduct a follow-up with the manager/buyer a month later regarding what stock the store now has.
  14. If there has been progress then thank him/her for acting on your conversation. If there has not been any progress then ask why and if there is anything that you can do to change the situation. Contact Vegan SA if you need any assistance in handling any specific issues.
  15. Report back to the manager/buyer on various cruelty-free vegan product brands, and say what you like about them.
  16. Keep a list of all the stores that are vegan-friendly, and blacklist those that are not, and submit your report to Vegan SA, together with each store's contact details and any further suggestions.

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