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Vegan Food Stuffs Questionnaire

Please fill out and submit the form below, once for each vegan food brand that you use in South Africa for the following vegan-friendly food stuffs only:

• Burgers/sausages/etc., • cheese, • chocolate, • confectionery, • faux meat, • ice cream, • margarine, • mousse/dessert, • non-dairy milk/creamer, • cream, • ready-made meals, • soy drinks, • tempeh, • tofu/bean curd, • vitamin/health supplements, • yoghurt.

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Product information

Please supply all these details from the packaging where possible.

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Consumer survey
1. What flavours do you buy this brand in?


2. Which is your favourite flavour of this brand?


3. Which store do you buy this product from?


4. Where do you buy this product (city, town, suburb, province, etc.)?


5. Do you consider this product good value for money?

     Good value     Fair value       Poor value

6. How often do you buy this product?


7. Do you consider this product a basic or luxury food?

     Basic item      Luxury item     Neither

8. Do your non-vegan colleagues like this product?

     Yes                No                  No idea

9. How do you use this product?


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