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Couscous Tortillas

This dish is a fusion of north African and central American foods. Couscous is Sahara African staple and is made from coarsely ground semolina (durum wheat) granules or, in some regions, from barley or pearl millet. Flour tortillas are thin flat breads, popular in Mexican dishes and are made from specially treated maize or wheat flour.


4 flour tortillas
250g couscous
250g sliced marrows
250g sliced mushrooms
1 tin chick peas
Some olive/rosemary spices
1 Tbsp oil
10g margarine
Other spices and options, such as raisins to taste

Cooking Instructions

  • Heat the oil in a pan, add the marrows and mushrooms.
  • Make the couscous (follow the instructions on the pack) and add the margarine and some olive/rosemary spices.
  • When the marrows and mushrooms are ready, add the chick peas to warm them up and add some rosemary/olive spices.
  • Heat the tortillas.
  • Scoop the couscous through the vegetables and put it in the tortillas.
  • Fold it up and enjoy!
Serves 4 people

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