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High Green and Iron Mashed Potato

This recipe is a healthy mashed potato vegan alternative which is low in calories. In South Africa potatoes, spinach and onions are easy to find and reasonably priced. Spinach is high in fibre and iron, which supports an active lifestyle and wards off anemia. It also has some useful amino acids to build up protein structures. Onions add a pungent flavour and provide antioxidants to help combat cardiovascular disease.

Adding salt is not necessary since the natural sodium in potato, onion and spinach is balanced with their potassium content to aid a healthy blood pressure.


3 small or 2 medium sized unpeeled potatoes, cut into chunks
A handful of finely chopped onion rings
2 or 3 spinach leaves, finely chopped or shredded
Sweet basil, parsley or ground black pepper for seasoning

Cooking Instructions

  • Add the potato chunks to boiling water and simmer until soft.
  • Add the onion rings an turn up the heat to simmer for a few more minutes. Then let it cool.
  • Now add the spinach. The mixture should have little water left. If there is significant water then pour it off. Mix all in a blender.
  • Add herbs or a little black pepper for additional flavour.
  • Serve hot (warm it up again) or cold.
Serves 1 people

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