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Korean Style Spring Rolls

Korean cuisine does not take kindly to fried food. Koreans prefer their spring rolls of the non-fried variety, typically filling the wrappers with pre-cooked ingredients. Traditional Korean cuisine, dating back to the 14th century, makes use of an important and particular type of spring roll made for Korean nobility only, the Gujeolpan (sometimes Gujulpan).


Dried spring roll rice wrappers
1 medium carrot
1 medium cucumber
Spring onion
Thin rice noodles
Hoisan sauce
Soy sauce

Cooking Instructions

  • Cut all the vegetables into the thinnest strips possible - as thin as a match stickif you can manage it.
  • Cut all vegetables into lengths of not longer than 4-5cm.
  • Cook rice noodles until soft and then drain well.
  • Soak rice wrappers in hot water until soft. Place on a clean, dry tea towel.
  • Make a fold in the rice wrapper on the side facing you, fold upward about 3 cm to double up the wrapper. You now have a straight edge at the bottom of the wrapper, facing you.
  • Place a small amount of each vegetable on the folded part of the wrapper. Drizzle over small amount of hoisin (hoisan) sauce. Roll over and tuck in the sides. Roll up the rest of the wrapper until the vegetables are wrapped into a parcel.
  • Place on a dry board or plate until the wrapper is dry and 'set'. Cut the spring rolls diagonally in half and use soy sauce or a soy and hoisin mix as a dipping sauce.
Serves 2 people

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