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Pepperoni in Italian are bell peppers or capsicums, not salami. A very nutrient dish that can be used in many different ways, this dish fits perfectly as one dish, a side dish or a sauce for rice or pasta. It is normally better the day after it has been cooked. It is low in calories as it only requires a little oil, and is beautiful with a glass of wine. It can be served hot or cold, but surely you must like onions.

Traditionally, Italian dishes made only with vegetables were common as meat has always been very expensive.


4 white onions
2 or 3 bell peppers, depending on size
1 garlic clove
2 sliced cherry tomatoes
Soy sauce
1 tsp sugar
½ glass wine vinegar

Cooking Instructions

  • Cut for onion in tiny rings and slice the bell peppers (for best presentation use in 3 colours - red, green and yellow). Keep 2 cherry tomatoes, garlic and a chilli close by.
  • Drop the onions in a hot frying or sauce pan (for Italian recipes the Chinese wok fits perfectly) and let them blanche.
  • Add a small spoon of sugar and the bell peppers and soy sauce. Allow to cook for 1 minute being careful not to burn them.
  • Add the wine vinegar. As soon as the vinegar is evaporated, add a glass of fresh water, the garlic and salt. Now add the 2 tomatoes.
  • Check if the peppers and onions are ready. The onions should now be coloured and the peppers smooth but not soft. If they are still hard add a bit more water and let them reduce to a gravy sauce.
  • Now add 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil. When the peppers are smooth and the gravy is thick, the dish is ready.
  • Serve hot or cold on top of rice or pasta, with bread or as a side dish. Let the dish cool down and taste it with a slice of bread! Keep it in the fridge, and the next day warm it in the microwave - it will taste even better. Also try it as a breakfast.
  • Tip: to obtain more gravy, add water and allow it to reduce on a low gas.
Serves 4 people

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