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Raw Vegan Salad

This dish employs macrobiotic cooking. Macrobiotic cooking originates from Japan, and it is not only a method of diet but a way of living. The basic macrobiotic postulate is adapted to the region that we live in. This means that all macrobiotic recipes are subject to change, depending on the region in which we prepare them, but it remains very important how we combine the ingredients because this is what gives us the correct energy balance.


1 cup grated carrots
½ cup grated celery
½ cup radishes (sliced into crescent shape)
½ cup chopped, dry fried almonds
2 oranges
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt

Cooking Instructions

  • Squeeze juice from the 2 oranges.
  • Mix all the ingredients together with the juice, and then serve.
Serves 2 people

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