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South African Nacht Musik Liqueur

Nachtmusik is a popular South African chocolate liqueur. Is it vegan? It’s not listed on This homemade liqueur recipe is vegan and is popular among overseas visitors. It is simple and the result is really awesome. It makes about 600 ml of Nachtmusik liqueur. Enjoy responsibly.


South African Nacht Musik Liqueur by Pieter Kotzé1 cup of coconut oil (slightly heated)
¼ cup of macadamia nut butter (room temperature)
1 cup of vegan style syrup (not a heavy syrup, maple works best)
1 cup of Dutch-processed cacao powder
1 Tbsp of vanilla extract
½ cup of Klipdrift Premium Brandy (it is vegan).

Cooking Instructions

  • Blend the oil and nut butter until smooth; add the syrup. Blend until incorporated.
  • Blend in the cacao. Add the vanilla extract and brandy. Blend thoroughly and pour into a clean bottle.
  • Do not refrigerate and shake occasionally.
  • Perfect on its own, over ice cream, or even with crepes. Do not serve over ice.
Serves 6 people

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