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Vegan Tartar Sauce

Tartar sauce is a tangy mayonnaise-based sauce, often used as a dressing for salads and grilled food. The name is derived from 'sauce tartare', used in French cuisine. It dates back to at least the 19th century. The Tatars are an ethnic group from the Eurasian Steppe who once occupied Ukraine and parts of Russia.

The photo here shows home-made tartar sauce used as a dressing on fried Portobello mushrooms, done in an oat crust, served with Cavi Art.


Fried Portobello mushrooms with home-made sauce tartar and Cavi Art10 capers, chopped
½ small red onion, chopped fine
4 small gherkins, copped fine
2 Tbsp of finely chopped tofu
Good sprinkle black Indian salt
1 cup or more of vegan mayonnaise e.g. (B-Well Mayo)

Cooking Instructions

  • Stir everything together and use where and when desired. It taste better than the real recipe!
Serves 12 people

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