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Vegan Truffles

A dessert truffle (not to be confused with a mushroom truffle) is a type of round chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with a chocolate ganache centre coated in chocolate, cocoa powder or crushed nuts.


¾ cup raw cashews
¾ cup cold water
500g dairy free chocolate
Cocoa powder

Cooking Instructions

  • Soak cashews in cold water overnight. Drain and throw out the draining water.
  • Put cashews and the (new) measured cold water in a blender and blend at high speed for 1-2 minutes (yes, a long time).
  • Scrape the sides down and blend again until the mixture is the consistency of heavy cream.
  • Meanwhile, in a double boiler, heat the chocolate until it's all melted.
  • Cool the chocolate until it's comfortable to work with and fold in the cashew cream (making sure not to stir too fast or you'll create bubbles).
  • Take out a small ball, roll in cocoa powder and store in fridge/freezer. Repeat until done. You will get messy but it is definitely worth it!
  • Cool in the fridge for 2 hours (to set).
  • You can also roll the truffle mix around almonds or dried cherries.
Serves 6 people

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