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Winter Vegetable Soup

This soup is light around your waist (low in calories), light on your pocket (cost effective), filling for your stomach and an immune booster. It utlises basic ingredients, making it easy to cook too.


1 medium to large orange coloured sweet potato (about 220g)
440 g butternut
4 baby marrows
Small handful chopped onion
1 or 2 leeks (optional for greater pungency)
Salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions

  • In a large cooking pot of hot water, chop the butternut and sweet potato into chunks, peel and all.
  • Slice and add the baby marrows and toss in the chopped onion.
  • Cook on a medium heat over a gas stove until the vegetables are soft.
  • Use a whizz/liquidizer or potato masher to mush it all and turn it into a liquid paste.
  • If it is too watery, resume cooking to evaporate moisture; if it is too thick then add water.
  • Then add crushed black pepper and a little salt or herbs to complete it and serve hot.
Serves 4 people

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