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This section is a listings directory by cuisine type of recipes for vegans which will introduce you to new and exciting cuisines to spice up your meal times.

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British Vegan Recipes >

See below our index of British recipes that are suitable for vegans, and more information on British food below:

Background on British Food

Britain has developed a reputation for plain and robust dishes served with simple sauces to accentuate flavour. However, the region has made a big contribution to shaping popular cuisine and food in the western world. Britain was responsible for developing popular dishes such as stews in 400-1,000 AD. Its strong maritime tradition lead to the introduction of exotic herbs and spices and continental influence into British dishes. Britain was also at the forefront of the development of plant breeding techniques and was responsible for many of the fruit and vegetable varieties and rootstocks used around the world.

Its colonial reach led to the strong influence of British recipes in North America, Australia and parts of Africa, among others. More recently Britons have fallen in love with spicy Indian cuisine. A large range of Indian curries has been developed specifically for the British diner, including many vegetable curries.

Nowadays, British food exhibits influences from all across the world and traditions have changed. Some famous traditional recipes include Christmas Dinner, Full English Breakfast, Fish and Chips, Sunday Roast, Steak and Kidney Pie, Bangers and Mash, as well as Yorkshire Pudding, Cornish Pasties and Welsh Rarebit. It is one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world and we hope to bring you more vegan British recipes soon.

Vegan Recipe Listings

If you have a favourite vegan recipe that you'd like to be listed here, we'll gladly list it. Please contact us now to have your recipe added and help promote veganism in South Africa.

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