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Indonesian Vegan Recipes >

See below our index of Indonesian recipes that are suitable for vegans, and more information on Indonesian food below:

Background on Indonesian Food

Indonesian cuisine is extremely varied, partly as a result of the country being a vast collection of islands which differ in cultures, traditions and religions, and partly due to the various influences that other cuisines, such as Indian, Chinese, the Middle Eastern, and European, have had on different regions in the country. Indonesia played a historic role in the shaping of the spice trade, especially in the Banda Islands which were the sole producers of nutmeg and mace at one time.

Some famous Indonesian vegetarian dishes include 'nasi goreng' (a fried rice dish), 'gado-gado' (a salad with spicy peanut sauce), 'kari' (curry), 'cap cai' (stir-fried mixed vegetables) and vegetable 'lumpia' (spring rolls). Tofu and especially tempeh , which are both vegan foods, play an important roll in Indonesian meals.

Indonesians eat a lot of leafy vegetables such as water spinach, cassava leaves and spinach. You'll also find a lot of tubers such as yams, taro and sweet potato, as well as coconut, calabash, eggplants, and bitter melon.

Indonesians normally eat using a fork and spoon. Rice and noodles are the staple starch foods and spicy 'sambals' (chilli based sauces), sweet and regular soy sauce are omnipresent. Beware of shrimp paste and fish sauce, which often find their way into many innocent looking dishes. We hope to bring you more vegan Indonesian recipes soon.

Vegan Recipe Listings

If you have a favourite vegan recipe that you'd like to be listed here, we'll gladly list it. Please contact us now to have your recipe added and help promote veganism in South Africa.

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