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This section is a listings directory by cuisine type of recipes for vegans which will introduce you to new and exciting cuisines to spice up your meal times.

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Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes >

See below our index of Middle Eastern recipes that are suitable for vegans, and more information on Middle Eastern food below:

Background on Middle Eastern Food

This historic region lies between Europe, Africa and Asia and has therefore had a large influence on cuisine throughout the Arabic world. The Middle East was where wheat was first farmed, as well as other staples such as barley, dates, pistachio nuts, figs and pomegranates. Many elements of current Middle Eastern cuisine date back as far as 500 BC.

Wheat is used to make flat breads such as pita, but phyllo pastry (often egg free) is also popular here. Other starch foods include rice, burghal, couscous and barley. Beans and pulses are are very important to the diet of the region. Fava beans and chickpeas are most popular, as well as lentils and split peas. Vegetables - usually boiled, stewed, grilled or stuffed - are key to many Middle Eastern dishes. Popular vegetables include squash, tomato, eggplant, okra, carrot, turnip, beet, cabbage, spinach, chard, olives, onion and garlic. Typical spices used in cooking include cinnamon, cloves, mint, cumin, coriander and za'tar. Olive oil is also used prodigiously.

Some famous regional vegetarian recipes include Falafel, Hummus, Moutabal (Baba-Ghanoush), Matbucha, Tahini, Kebabs, Dolma, Ful Medames, Salona soups, Tabbouleh, Fattouch, Ma'amoul and Baklava. Meze is popular here, which is a number of small dishes served and eaten together. Dishes are often eaten without utensils, but instead consumed with the right hand (the left hand is considered unclean) and accompanied by bread.

Of course, alcohol is unavailable in many places since it is prohibited in Islam. Pigs are spared the cruelty of livestock farming since pork is also prohibited in Islam as well as Judaism. We hope to bring you more vegan Middle Eastern recipes soon.

Vegan Recipe Listings

If you have a favourite vegan recipe that you'd like to be listed here, we'll gladly list it. Please contact us now to have your recipe added and help promote veganism in South Africa.

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