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Spanish Vegan Recipes >

See below our index of Spanish recipes that are suitable for vegans, and more information on Spanish food below:

Background on Spanish Food

Spain has had a major influence on many regions of the world during its colonial past. South and Central America, the Caribbean, parts of the USA and north Africa, the Philippines, Taiwan and Micronesia all felt the guiding hand of Spain, and equally Spanish cuisine has influenced their local eating habits too.

Spanish recipes, like most regional varieties around the world, are often borne out of the availability of local produce. Dishes tend to be simple and down-to-earth, using traditional recipes and cooking methods that have been passed down through the centuries. The country's rugged interior provided a natural impetus to the development of many regionally unique recipes.

Spain has a long coastline so unsurprisingly seafood plays a major part in its people's diet. But Spanish recipes also make use of many vegan and vegetarian foods too. Garlic and olive oil are the foundation of many dishes. Legumes (chick peas, green beans, lentils) are widely used, as well as vegetables such as potato, tomato, eggplant, artichoke, zucchini and cabbage. Spain is also one of the top producers in the world of hazelnuts, almonds, and walnuts. Common Spanish herbs and spices used in recipes are oregano, rosemary and thyme, as well as garlic and onion. Bread is also very popular and usually vegan.

Some Spanish recipes that can be vegan potentially include Pa amb tomàquet (toasted bread with olive oil and tomato), Gazpacho (chilled tomato soup), Samfaina (Ratatouille), Cocido montañés (Highlander bean stew), Paella (pan-cooked saffron rice with vegetables), Fabada asturiana (white bean stew), Cocido madrileño (Madrid stew), and Tortas de Aceite (a sweet biscuit-like flatbread).

Spanish food is often served as tapas, which are a small dishes. Often several are served together, allowing diners to enjoy several dishes at one sitting. We hope to bring you more vegan Spanish recipes soon.

Vegan Recipe Listings

If you have a favourite vegan recipe that you'd like to be listed here, we'll gladly list it. Please contact us now to have your recipe added and help promote veganism in South Africa.

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