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Vegan ShoppingVegan shopping in South Africa

This section is a directory of places to shop for vegans in South Africa. The shops and stores listed here stock the broadest range of vegan products available that we can find for each region.

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The Body Shop has a wide network of shops selling cruelty-free products throughout South Africa Every vegan in SA would wish to have handy the range of vegan foods and products that The Health for Life store in Cape Town offers
Health shops such as Creeds in Tokai, Cape Town, are always a good bet for buying vegan produce

Listings Criteria for Vegan-friendly Stores

In this section we list out the most suitable vegan-friendly shops in South Africa. Our dual purpose is to promote places to shop that best serve vegans, whilst also providing a useful guide for South African vegans shopping for products. Our listings service is free of charge.

As the availability of vegan products differs greatly from region to region in South Africa, we have listed the most vegan-friendly shops for each region. The top 5 vegan-friendly stores in each region are listed. Stores are assessed on the number of vegan product types that they stock. Points are awarded, with 1 point being scored for each product type stocked.

The vegan product types that shops gain points for stocking are: nuts, grains/seeds, beans, fruit, vegetables, fruit juice, veggie burgers/sausages/etc., faux meat, ready-made meals, tempeh, tofu/bean curd, vegan cheese, non-dairy cream, vegan ice cream, vegan margarine, non-dairy milk/creamer, soy drinks (or equivalent), soy yoghurts (or equivalent), breakfast cereals, non-lacto/ovo biscuits/rusks/cookies and cakes/muffins, dairy-free chocolate, vegan health bars, vegan vitamin supplements, yeast/yeast-based spreads, hot food counter with an option for vegans, our listed antiperspirant/deodorants, listed baby care products, listed bath/body/skin products, listed cosmetics, listed fragrances, listed hair products, listed home care products, listed shaving products, listed sun protection, listed toothpastes.

There are a total of 36 points available. For example, if your shop supplies fruit, vegetables, nuts and soy milk, then it would score 4 points.

If you have a store that qualifies for a top 5 regional listing and you would like to be listed here, we'll gladly reward you with a free listing. Please contact us now to get your vegan-friendly business listed and help promote veganism in South Africa.

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Note: all of these South African shops are suitable for vegetarians too, and many are likely to have more vegetarian options than the vegan products described above.

Follow the latest changes to our store directory in our Vegan SA Blog.

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"Awesome website! Really informative and helpful for us trying to source local products to suit our lifestyles. My partner and I are currently vegetarian and are trying to make the shift towards becoming vegans. It's great to be able to have this imformation available so easily." - , South Africa


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