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Vegan-friendly Accommodation

Accommodations listed by area
Vegan breakfast ideas for your accommodation

Cape Town accommodation
Eastern Cape accommodation
Free State accommodation
Gauteng accommodation
KwaZulu-Natal accommodation
Limpopo accommodation
Mpumalanga accommodation
Nationwide accommodation
North West accommodation
Northern Cape accommodation
Overberg accommodation
Western Cape accommodation

Dining Out for Vegans

Restaurants listed by area

Dining out in Cape Town
Dining out in the Eastern Cape
Dining out in the Free State
Dining out in Gauteng
Dining out in Johannesburg
Dining out in KwaZulu-Natal
Dining out in Limpopo
Dining out in Mpumalanga
Dining out nationwide
Dining out in the North West
Dining out in the Northern Cape
Dining out in Overberg
Dining out in Pretoria
Dining out in the Western Cape

Restaurants listed by cuisine type
African cuisine
Asian cuisine
Chinese cuisine
Indian cuisine
Indonesian cuisine
Italian cuisine
Japanese cuisine
Mediterranean cuisine
Mexican cuisine
Middle Eastern cuisine
North American cuisine
South African cuisine
Thai cuisine
Turkish cuisine
Vegetarian cuisine
World Fusion cuisine

Vegan Foods

Foodstuffs listed by type

Vegan beers and ciders
Vegan biscuits, cookies, rusks, crackers etc.
  Pick n Pay vegan crackers, biscuits, rusks etc.
Vegan breakfast cereals
Veggie burgers, sausages, etc.
Vegan cakes, muffins, tarts, pastries, etc.
Vegan cheeses
Vegan chocolates
Vegan condiments, dips, etc.
Vegan cooking sauces
  Blue Dragon sauces and dressings
  Vimal SWAD pickles and curry pastes
Vegan confectionery, sweets, chips, crisps, etc.
Soy, non-dairy cream
Vegan desserts
Vegan dressings
Faux meats
Vegan gravies, broths, stocks, etc.
Vegan health bars
Non-dairy ice creams
Vegan margarines
Other alcoholic drinks
Soy milk, non-dairy creamers
Vegan spirit drinks
Ready-made vegan meals
Vegan soups
Soy drinks
Tofu, vegan bean curds
Vegan vitamins, health supplements
  Vibrant Health vitamin and health supplements
Vegan wines
Vegan yeast, yeast-based spreads
Non-dairy yoghurts

Animal Cruelty-free Vegan Products

Products listed by type

Anti-perspirants and deodorants
Baby care products
Bath and personal skin/body care products
  Earth-Friendly bath and body products
  Neal's Yard Remedies
  Woolworths bath and body products
  Neal's Yard Remedies cosmetic products
  Woolworths cosmetic products
Hair care products
Household care products
Shaving products
Sun protection products
Toothpastes and dental products

Vegan Recipes

Recipes listed by cuisine type

Asian vegan recipes
Belgian vegan recipes
British vegan recipes
Chinese vegan recipes
European vegan recipes
French vegan recipes
Indian vegan recipes
Indonesian vegan recipes
Irish vegan recipes
Italian vegan recipes
Korean vegan recipes
Mediterranean vegan recipes
Mexican vegan recipes
Middle Eastern vegan recipes
Moroccan vegan recipes
North African vegan recipes
North American vegan recipes
Philippine vegan recipes
Raw vegan recipes
South African vegan recipes
Spanish vegan recipes
Thai vegan recipes
World Fusion vegan recipes

Recipes listed by meal type

Main courses
Side dishes

Vegan-friendly Shopping

Shops listed by area

Cape Town stores
Eastern Cape stores
Free State stores
Gauteng stores
Johannesburg stores
KwaZulu-Natal stores
Limpopo stores
Mpumalanga stores
Nationwide stores
North West stores
Northern Cape stores
Overberg stores
Western Cape stores
Online shopping

About Veganism

Introduction to veganism
Alcohol and smoking
Anti-vivisection - stop animal testing
A philosophy of life
Buying vegan
Case for animal liberation
Do animals have emotions and feelings?
Environmental effects of meat production
Famous vegans
Human Diet and Evolution
Frequently asked questions
Getting started
Meat Free Mondays
Ritual slaughtering in Africa
Vegan advocacy
Vegan diet and children
Vegan diet and older people
Vegan diet and pregnancy
Vegan nutrition
Wearing vegan


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