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Vegan Clothing

When it comes to buying clothes, most vegans choose not to wear what they will not eat. Below are a list of reasons why one would choose fake over real, and also some good substitutes ...


Fake is fabulous. You can still look pretty hot in fake fur

Fake fur is plentiful and in fashion; we still wonder how someone can wear real ...

Animals are trapped and bred for their fur, both with horrific outcomes. They can been trapped in steel jaw traps for days in the wild and have even been known to gnaw off their leg in desperation.

On fur farms animals are kept in tiny cages, rabbits develop sores and blisters on their feet that are not used to the wire/bars. Larger animals pace and cry in their unnatural environment. Although animals are anally or vaginally electrocuted, gassed or suffocated beforehand, the attempts sometimes fail and animals are skinned alive.


Leather is easily replaced with pleather, an equally appealing product although not very strong. If you are looking for something more durable then hemp is known for its outstanding durability and strength, a great leather substitute for vegan apparel.

Animals used for leather are stunned before having their throats cut and can remain or regain consciousness during the procedure. They live in cramped conditions unable to move or behave as they normally would. They are produced in mass with detrimental effects on our environment and their health.


There are many wool substitutes available on the market which are used for vegan clothes and that provide warmth and comfort, so there is no longer a need for wool.

Australia supplies of over 50% of the World's merino wool and their sheep are subjected to Mulesing, a cruel shearing practice where skin and flesh are cut from the sheep's skin with no pain relief offered. Sheep are then shipped to the Middle East on crowded vessels. They are dragged to slaughterhouses where their throats are slit while still conscious.


Satin is just as beautiful and soft as silk and does not require the mass production of silk worms.

Silk worms are boiled alive in their cocoons.

Buy Cruelty Free

Industries that profit from animals mistreat and take advantage of the beautiful creatures that surround us. Staff hired to kill and maintain the animals are often not trained professionals and do not have the animal's best interests at heart.

Help put an end to these atrocities and buy vegan clothing and cruelty free products in South Africa.

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